Igluu Ambassador - Natalie from natpatsuz_sw_mummy

There are so many great ways to get started on your fitness journey. From finding an exercise you love to overhauling your diet, it's all about finding what works for you. For Igluu Ambassador Natalie Sutherland, she made the most of pole fitness, Slimming World and Igluu meal prep containers to lose a fantastic six stone - and maintain for two years! She's even shared her journey to her thousands of followers on Instagram, natpatsuz_sw_mummy. https://home/storm/sites/igluumealprep-com/public.instagram.com/p/BmioG7cnxnL/?hl=en&taken-by=natpatsuz_sw_mummy Here at Igluu we admire Natalie's determination and love how honest she is as she documents her journey - helping others to strike a healthy balance and not feel guilty for having a bit of a wobble. She really is an inspiration! Natalie's story is so popular that was recently featured in the Daily Mirror and has over 23k Insta followers. https://home/storm/sites/igluumealprep-com/public.instagram.com/p/BmTNx8eHOaK/?hl=en&taken-by=natpatsuz_sw_mummy If Natalie's progress and delicious meal prep ideas have got you thinking about your own journey, our meal prep containers can be bought on our website or on Amazon.
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