Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What material are the containers made from?


Glass range: the glass dishes are made from borosilicate glass and the lids from polypropylene (PP5) plastic. The cutlery set utensils are made from stainless steel.

Reusable plastic range: both the base and lids are made from polypropylene (PP5) plastic.

Are the containers environmentally friendly?


Yes, all Igluu containers are reusable and designed to last with repeated usage. The plastic material used is made from polypropylene (PP5) plastic which is recyclable.

Are they BPA free?


Yes, they are free of Bisphenol A (BPA)

Are they FDA approved?


Yes, all our containers are certified FDA approved

Are they LFGB approved?


Yes, all our containers are certified LFGB approved

Are the containers oven safe?


Glass range: all glass dishes are safe to use in a conventional oven (not lids).
Reusable plastic range: not suitable for heating food in a conventional oven (suitable only in microwave).

Are the containers microwave safe?


Yes, both the glass and reusable plastic containers are safe to heat food in the microwave.

As with any containers used in a microwave, do not leave sealed. We recommend the lid is loosened from the base and rest on top with a 2cm (1 inch) gap to allow steam to escape whilst heating in the microwave.

Can the containers be cleaned in the dishwasher?


Glass range: yes, they are dishwasher safe. We recommend top rack for the lids. For best results hand wash is recommended, the silicone seal inside the lid is removeable for a thorough hygienic clean.
Reusable plastic range: yes, they are dishwasher safe top rack is recommended. For best results and to preserve the longevity of the containers we recommend hand wash.

Can they be used to store food in the freezer?


Glass range: yes, they are freezer friendly.
Reusable plastic range: yes, they are freezer friendly. Before placing in the freezer, we recommend the containers are not overfilled. We also advise the edges connecting the tray and lid are free from food and moisture, give these a wipe down first. It is important that cooked food is completely cooled down and any condensation which has formed in the lid is wiped off before placing in the freezer. Otherwise, the condensation can form into ice in between the edges.

Are spare lids available?


Glass containers: We offer an extra lid with our rectangle single compartment set.
Reusable plastic range: replacement lids are available to purchase from our website in packs of 10:

Are the lids airtight?


Glass range: yes, the snap lock lid and inner silicone ring creates a strong airtight seal with the glass dish for secure, leak-free storage This ensure your food stays fresh for longer.
Reusable plastic range: yes, there are tiny ridges under the lids which click tightly onto the container base. This enables the lid to create an airtight seal when clicked firmly down and around the base.

How do I open the lids?


Reusable plastic range: the containers are designed to be airtight. To open the lid, we recommend that you use a corner tab to prise open. Then with your thumb on the top of the lid, run your fingers all the way around and under the lid and gently ease off. Otherwise, excessive force may cause damage.

How do I get my free meal prep guide?


Once your order has been placed on our website, you will receive an order confirmation email with a download link to your free e-book.
Please contact our customer care team at if you have missed the email and we will send it again.

What is included in the meal prep guide?


The book is intended to be a guide to get you started on your meal prep journey.

Included are two additional time saving printable resources: a weekly meal planner and shopping checklist. We have also included 24 recipes. A collection of step-by-step recipes including, breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options for when you need inspiration.

If my product arrives damaged or broken, what should I do?


We apologise if your item arrived damaged. Please email us your order number and a picture of the damage. A member of our customer care team will respond within 24 hours.

Can I use them to proof dough?


Yes, our round reusable plastic containers are ideal for storing pizza and bread dough for proofing. They are ideal for cold proofing and stack neatly away in the cupboard when not in use.

What is the purpose of the steam vent?


The single compartment glass containers have lids with steam vents. When the vent is opened this enables moisture to escape as your cooked food cools down before refrigerating.

Furthermore, when you come to re-heating your food - by opening the vent before opening the lid, this equalises the pressure inside therefore making the lid so much easier to open. Otherwise the lids can be hard to remove because of the suction of the pressure inside.

Do you offer discounted prices for bulk purchases?


Reusable plastic range: our minimum order quantity is 180 units.
Please contact a member of our sales team through our wholesale contact form: Alternatively you can email us on

Product Size

What are the dimensions of the single compartment container?


Individual container size = 22cm (l) x 15 (w) x 5.5cm (h). Each container can store 28oz of food.

What are the dimensions of the double compartment container?


Individual container size = 22cm (l) x 15cm (w) x 6.5cm (h). Each container can store 30oz of food.

What are the dimensions of the triple compartment container?


Individual container size = 25cm (l) x 19.5cm (w) x 5.5cm (h). Each container can store 32oz (8 oz,8 oz, 16 oz) of food


Can I purchase your products in the USA?


We sell our products on Amazon in the USA.  Our Amazon store is

Can I purchase your products in Australia?


Yes, we can ship to Australia. Please visit

Can I purchase your products in Europe?


Yes, we can ship to Europe
Please visit:

Can I purchase your products in Asia?


We sell our reusable container range on Amazon in Singapore.
Our Amazon store is:

How do I cancel my order?


Please email us on and request to cancel your order before 1pm.

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