meal prep

Meal prepping for family days out

With summer now in full swing, many of us will be planning to escape the city with our families, trying to make the ...

The must-haves for acing the 'fourth trimester'

So you’ve had your baby. The hardest part is over right? Not exactly, as you're quickly finding out. As any new paren...

Igluu Ambassador - Natalie from natpatsuz_sw_mummy

There are so many great ways to get started on your fitness journey. From finding an exercise you love to overhauling...

Storage for your meal prep

Storing your meal prep creations! Why is good quality meal prep storage essential? Once you have spent precious time ...

How to meal prep for your week ahead

Meal prepping for your whole week doesn't have to be a challenge! Successful meal prep revolves around having a plan....

Featured blogger - Becky from glutenfreecuppatea

Welcome to the first in our series of featured blogger posts - this month we’re focusing on Becky and her blog, glute...

Our favourite meal prep recipes

Here at Igluu we are passionate about great food and the perfect storage for your meal prep. Variety is the spice of ...

What is meal prep and how can it help me?

Most of us have busy lives, so it isn’t always easy or possible to eat delicious home-cooked food every day of the we...
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